Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep On Truckin'

Hey! Hey! Hey! So we're halfway through our first week of the 3rd quarter. The students have come back very focused and dedicated to their learning... which is a good thing because our HIGH expectations are even HIGHER! I am so excited to see where this quarter takes us!

And the MOST exciting thing that is happening in Room 1419 is... MS. WING!!! Ms. Wing is a senior at NC State who is working hard to earn her teaching degree. I'm sure her name is familiar because she has been with us since the beginning of the school year. As her senior year comes close to an end...the time has come to start her full-time student teaching. EXCITING! Every week she is taking over more and more of our day.  Ms. Wing is so calm, nurturing, and natural with the class. Since she's been with us from the beginning the transition is going very smoothly. I remain in the classroom and support her throughout the day. The kids are very comfortable with Ms. Wing and are thrilled to see her every day. (as am I) :) The more the merrier!!!

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to Ms. Wing:)

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