Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mrs. Scott is coming baaaaaaack!!!

Hi Firsties! I hope you've worked hard in school and shown your teachers and peers your leadership skills! When you return from track-out... I will be back!!! I am really looking forward to seeing your bright, smiling faces. I'm sure all of you have gotten much taller and toothless;)

I have been having the best time taking care of my baby girl, Esli. This is a very special time in my life and I am really glad I had the opportunity to stay home and bond with my baby. Being a mommy is hard work!!!! I'm sure it will be a little sad to leave her, but I know getting back to teaching and seeing all of my students will cheer me up! I will have lots of pictures of Esli on my desk and you will be hearing all about her through my writer's workshop stories. 

We only have one more quarter of first grade. Are you ready to work hard and give your BEST effort? Are you ready to learn and grow, grow, grow? Are you ready to earn otter coupons and positive notes home? Are you ready to have fun and enjoy the nice weather? Are you ready for... 2nd grade?!?!!!

I am ready to teach, teach, teach! I know I will be impressed with your positive attitudes, good choices, and hard work. Let's go out with a *bang*! 

See you on April 23rd!!! 

Mrs. Scott