Sunday, October 30, 2011

Book Buddies

Every Friday afternoon we get together with our 5th grade Book Buddies. This is definitely a highlight in our week. Ms. Darrow's class comes down to our room and spends time with our little readers. The first graders read books to their buddies and then the 5th graders read books to the 1st graders. My students love the one-on-one attention they receive from their older buddy. I love to look around the room and see everyone on-task and engaged...

Here we go again!

Monday morning came super early...but knowing I would see 20 smiling first graders made it easier to get out of bed! I couldn't believe how much taller all of the boys and girls looked after just 3 weeks! As soon as the bell rang we hit the ground time to waste! Luckily Ms Wing, our student teacher, was with us all week to help us every step of the way. Take a look at our busy classroom...

Sharing books during Morning Meeting

Discovering new ways to balance a paper crayfish on our fingers

Predicting and then testing to see which systems were STABLE

Figuring out unknown partners and explaining our problem solving to the class

Catching up with friends...The JOSES!!!

And the week would not be complete without a surprise visitor... Hello, Little Cricket!

I love 1st Grade!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Track-Out...

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful trackout. I'm already in my pjs and getting ready for bed. I definitely need a good night's rest to get me through our busy day tomorrow. My body thinks it needs to wake up between 9:00-10:00 am...I better set my alarm! Ha ha.

I've missed all my students and their bright smiling faces! I am looking forward to all the track-out stories. Here are some things I did...

Cheered on the Carolina Hurricanes on opening night!
Let's Go 'Canes!!!

Made a Hello Kitty pumpkin (I know this is NOT surprising...)

Made S'mores with Mr. Scott and my parents! Yummy!!!

Made some more S'mores...hee hee.

Took a tour of NC State..Go Wolfpack!

                                                    And of course...snuggled with Harper :)

Sleep well my favorite First Graders...see you bright and early TOMORROW!!!:)

Here's to a great 2nd quarter!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Fall Fun Day!!!

To celebrate the end of the first quarter of first grade we had a Fun Fall Day! Each first grade teacher taught a fall-themed lesson and the classes rotated down the hallway:) Although several students told their parents they were "not going to work or learn anything all day...just play", we DID manage to squeeze some new knowledge into our brains. I did a read aloud where we discussed the similarities and differences between making apple sauce and making apple pie. Then students did a sequencing activity where they put pictures in order to show how apple trees turn into apple pies. Students loved seeing pictures of the beautiful pink blossoms on the apple trees.

We also planted pansies outside our classroom with Mrs. Donaldson....

Mrs. Butler helped us investigate which fall solids sink and which solids float...

While students were rotating through the classrooms...our homemade applesauce was cooking away and making our room smell DELICIOUS!!!!

After all of that LEARNING...we needed a break!

FINALLY the applesauce was ready! They loved it!!! (and wanted seconds and thirds...)

As if we didn't have enough to celebrate...did I mention our class won the Golden Spatula Award the MOST for the 1st quarter...earning us a special dessert???? Well we did...

And this day wouldn't be complete without my track-out shoes...

Happy Track-Out!!!!!!!!!!
I'll miss all of your smiling faces

Toodle-loo Kangaroos...