Monday, November 17, 2014

Balance feels best!

We are studying balance and motion in science! We are trying to balance work and fun every day! Here are some pics from our latest science experiments. There are also pics of our tie-dyed tshirts,  Charlotte's Web pumpkin, and the BiblioTech Run! (Brrrrrrrr!!!)

And a huuuuuge thank you to all the parents that braved the cold and supported us during the run!

Oh! And one minor thing happened this week... Esli turned 1!!!!!! Where did my baby go?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Picture Overload

So... I'm behind on my posts... But not on my picture taking... So I need you to prepare for picture overload!!! 

*Hopefully* your child can tell you what's going on in the pics... We cram A LOT of learning and excitement into one day at Vance. We LOVE LEARNING! 

Here goes...

Oh... And here are a few Esli pics. She is turning ONE in 4 days!!!!! 

Were you prepared for the amount of new pics?!! Sorry!!!