Sunday, March 22, 2015

Terrariums and Aquariums

Another busy week in 1st grade! We made terrariums and aquariums and put 4 organisms in both! The terrariums have millipedes, pill bugs, tree seedlings, and moss. The aquariums have snails, guppies, elodea, and cabomba. We are having a great time observing and comparing our organisms. 

We are also working on improving our math addition and subtraction fluency, so we can answer equations in a snap! Ask your child about the zero, plus 1, doubles, and doubles plus 1 rules! 

And we ended our week with a visit from Wool E Bull from the Durham Bulls!!! He taught us to be kind to one another and take a pledge against bullying. 

One more week until track out...

I know one girl who is definitely ready for track out... 

Friday, March 13, 2015

We need a new word for busy

... Because we are busier than busy!!! Don't be alarmed if your child comes home exhausted... Just trying to catch up from all those snow days! I can't believe we will be tracked out in two weeks! What?! No! I'm actually NOT ready for track out. We have so much to do to be ready for 2nd grade. Eeeek!  I'm proud of these students for "putting first things first" and coming to school ready to work! Take a look at our BUSY classroom... 

Esli is so glad the weather is warming up! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day & 100th Day of School!

Our room is buzzing with energy, cheer, and excitement! We had a blast celebrating all the wonderful friendships we've made in room 307 and all the hard work we've put into 100 days of school. Check out these happy faces!!! 

Aaaaaaand here's Esli... 15 months old!!!
Where does the time go????