Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Track-Out...

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful trackout. I'm already in my pjs and getting ready for bed. I definitely need a good night's rest to get me through our busy day tomorrow. My body thinks it needs to wake up between 9:00-10:00 am...I better set my alarm! Ha ha.

I've missed all my students and their bright smiling faces! I am looking forward to all the track-out stories. Here are some things I did...

Cheered on the Carolina Hurricanes on opening night!
Let's Go 'Canes!!!

Made a Hello Kitty pumpkin (I know this is NOT surprising...)

Made S'mores with Mr. Scott and my parents! Yummy!!!

Made some more S'mores...hee hee.

Took a tour of NC State..Go Wolfpack!

                                                    And of course...snuggled with Harper :)

Sleep well my favorite First Graders...see you bright and early TOMORROW!!!:)

Here's to a great 2nd quarter!

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