Sunday, September 13, 2015

Picture post!

I take so many pictures throughout the day and then totally forget about them until I scroll through my camera roll weeks later! Ugh. 

I get so excited and want to capture the moment and then I forget to share them! 

Here are some pictures of our AWESOME class doing AWESOME things. I love to show off their hard work and love for learning! 

Lunch bunch...

Working together in groups to solve story problems AND showing multiple strategies!

Reading! Reading! Reading!

Yoshi and Yoshi!

Sharpening our Subtraction Skills in Math Centers!

Our Math Leader... Leading us through the daily routine!

Building friendships!

Science!!! I love the work I'm seeing in their science notebooks!

Phew!!!! Ok... That's PROOF that we are working hard in first grade. So when you ask, "what did you do today?"

And your child says, "nothing"....

Remind him/her of this post ;) 

Ok, I hear Esli waking up from her nap. Picture Party is now over! Bye bye 

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