Sunday, March 22, 2015

Terrariums and Aquariums

Another busy week in 1st grade! We made terrariums and aquariums and put 4 organisms in both! The terrariums have millipedes, pill bugs, tree seedlings, and moss. The aquariums have snails, guppies, elodea, and cabomba. We are having a great time observing and comparing our organisms. 

We are also working on improving our math addition and subtraction fluency, so we can answer equations in a snap! Ask your child about the zero, plus 1, doubles, and doubles plus 1 rules! 

And we ended our week with a visit from Wool E Bull from the Durham Bulls!!! He taught us to be kind to one another and take a pledge against bullying. 

One more week until track out...

I know one girl who is definitely ready for track out... 

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