Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Grade Update

We learned about the less than, greater than, and equal signs and how to use them when comparing numbers. Of course, Greater Alligator helped us:) We made sure to PROVE our answer...

"74 is greater than 47 BECAUSE 74 has 7 groups of ten and 47 only has 4 groups of 10."

We are studying balance and MOTION in Science. We made tops and observed that they move in a spinning motion.

We compared the text features found in Fiction (FAKE) and Nonfiction (REAL) books.

Twirly Birds! (I promise we are working responsibly and making safe choices!)

Well isn't this jacket just tooooooo cool!?

We LOOOOOOOVE to jump rope during recess! Their jump rope game has definitely improved! I think the current record to beat is 36 jumps??!!!

Clementines are sooooooo good this time of year;)

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