Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just keep SWIMming...

We are SWIMming away in Mrs. Scott's class! We've been awarded The Golden Spatula (oooooh ahhhhh)for displaying nice manners and behavior in the cafeteria...and are working hard to win it again! The first grade class that receives The Golden Spatula the most will earn a class celebration at the end of the 1st quarter! Who knew lunchtime could be so much FUN?!!

I am EXCITED to report that we have earned class compliments in ALL of our specials this week! It is so nice to know that the class can continue to SWIM with different teachers.  SWIM! SWIM! SWIM! Here are our "Student of the Day" winners so far...Way to go!!! :)
Peace. Love. Happiness. We are working hard to learn how to solve little problems all by ourselves! When students have a "conflict" or "misunderstanding" they first try to solve it on their own in the lovely, "Peace Place". I am always amazed at how well this magical corner works. The easy-to-read script helps students express their feelings and concerns and allows them to resolve any issues so they can go back to learning with a happy face!

These boys and girls are definitely meeting my HIGH expectations!

:) Mrs. Scott

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